About the Project

The Photoskop project was created for visual and interactive learning of Photography.

In the heart of Photoskop is a library of interactive lessons embedded in an easy-to-use interactive camera player equipped with useful explanations, visual markers and directives, which will guide you through the learning process. All the interactive lessons are available online and aimed towards both beginners and advanced photographers.

In the scope of this project all topics related to photography will be covered. These include camera essentials, use of light in a creative process, portraiture and poses, working with models, the art of composition and many others.


The best thing about the Photoskop is that everyone can contribute. We believe that photography is all about communication. With the help of creative people around the globe we aim to constantly extend our content and improve its quality. That's why we built a framework which is flexible and allows to make instant updates and add new material.

You can contribute in many different ways: as a photographer or visual artist, as a writer or translator, as a designer or a developer. If you have something to share with the photographic community, whether it is an interactive lesson, a concise piece of text or any interesting idea, it is easy and quick to add your input.

And of course, all contributions will be acknowledged on the Photoskop website and appreciated by the online learning community. Photographers, who provide educational material, and other prominent contributors will have a dedicated profile page, containing any information they wish to share.

Your feedback is absolutely crucial. Any interesting ideas, suggestions, typos and mistake corrections, or a list of bugs to be fixed are all welcome.
Help us to build a better learning platform!

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We believe that with interactive online education, accessible for everyone and driven by the open community of creative photographers, we can make impact on the world of photography.