Contribute to Project

The aim of the Photoskop is ambitious - we want to build a better learning and sharing platform for the world of Photography. We believe, it can be done with the help of creative and passionate people from around the globe.

Everyone can contribute to the Photoskop. If you have something to share with the photographic community, it is easy to do. You can contribute in many ways: as a photographer or a visual artist, as a writer or a translator, as a web developer or a designer.

We are just starting the project, so you can have an advantage not just to support the project in its infancy, but to become a part of the team and to shape the direction of its development. Let's get in touch to make the visual world a better and thoughtful place.

If you are a Photographer

To establish a creative community, improve the quality of content and extend the database of interactive lessons, we are looking for the collaboration with professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

As a photographer, you can develop, perform the shooting and bring to life an interactive lesson or even an entire course that will help anyone to learn visual art of photography by visual means. For you, as a contributor, we offer a personal space where you can build up your profile information. Everything you make with the use of the Photoskop platform is your content and your impact to the world of photography.

There are many things to contribute as a photographer. Here is a short list of ideas which we will be glad to implement with your help:

You are very welcome to bring your own ideas - this might be any topic or aspect of the photographic process. To assist you with the workflow of creating a new lesson, we have organized a brief tutorial:

If you are interested to contribute, please contact us.

Also, we will greatly appreciate your critical feedback which will help us to improve the project. Please, take a few minutes and fill a short questionnaire. Your opinion is important for us.

If you are a Model / Stylist

The Photoskop project is impossible without talented and ambitious models and stylists. The input from you is equally important for our online learning and sharing platform as the work of creative photographers, designers, writers, and developers. It is challenging, however, since it requires the special skills - endless patience and total dedication.

You should also understand the photographic process and be able to visually emphasize the key ideas that are behind each lesson. Your vision of the photography from another side of the lens is invaluable.

Your contribution will be acknowledged as well as it can potentially help you in networking with other models, photographers, stylists, and all the people that are sharing the same passion. If you want to contribute your work and represent the project for a photographic community of hundreds of thousands people worldwide - we are looking forward to work with you.

Join us to create a piece of art!

If you are a Writer

While the Photoskop is primary designed as a visual tool for learning photography, we still use text in our lessons.

If you like writing or talking about any aspects of photography - technical, conceptual, artistic or whatsoever, if you know how to deliver a message scientifically clear and poetically beautiful, then your contribution to the project will be vital.

Help us to make better textual material:

  • Improve the quality of texts
  • Give us hints on what to note or emphasize in our interactive lessons

If you are a Designer

If you like to make beautiful designs and other visual content, we are looking for your input!

You may contribute in many ways and help us to make:

  • Website: Functional and beautiful design and related graphical material.
  • Interactive Player: In the heart of Photoskop is a library of interactive lessons embedded in an interactive camera player. It is equipped with various visual components, which will guide the user through the learning process. Help us to make it a unique user experience!
  • Visual material: Any graphical contribution (e.g. infographics, schemes and sketches) which is aimed to simplify or clarify complex photography topics will be valuable.
  • Logo design: Help us to make a cool logo.

If you are a Developer

Like to develop and build things in code? Join us and help to implement the project.

We are looking for skilled contributors to build:

  • Website: Functional, responsive and rich website. Many features are foreseen, but not yet implemented.
  • Interactive Player: implement interactive components, new features and even image processing algorithms!

If you are a Translator

If you like our project and want to assist to translate it to your native language - lets do it!

If you are a creative photographer, talented web designer, skilled developer or you write vibrant and interesting texts, we are looking for your input!